Cash Award Eligibility & Address Change

This portal provides Class Members with the ability to determine if they are eligible to receive a Cash Award from this Settlement, submit a request for payment and provide a change of address.

If you did not pay back the principal (the amount you borrowed), you are not eligible for a cash award as part of this settlement. However, in addition to the previous cancellation of debt in the first Think Finance Settlement, any loan purchased by NCA from Great Plains, Plain Green (prior to June 1, 2016), and MobiLoans (prior to May 6, 2017) will be cancelled. For those loans, NCA will stop all direct or indirect collection activity and will not further assign, sell, or transfer any loans. Additionally, NCA will not report any debt where the original creditor was Great Plains, Plain Green and MobiLoans to any consumer reporting agency. If such debt has been reported to a credit reporting agency, NCA will request that the reporting be withdrawn.

As described in the Class Notice, the amount of your check will depend on your state’s laws and the amount you paid in excess of principal and/or in excess of the principal and legal limits of interest that your state allows, as well as the amount of money available in the settlement fund. Your eligibility considers all Eligible Tribal Loans during the time period specified in the Court documents.

To log into this portal, you will need your Access Code, which is located on the Notice that was sent to you via mail or email. If you do not have an Access Code or have misplaced your Access Code, please contact the Settlement Administrator via email at

Login below using your Access Code and Last Name exactly as it appears in the Notice you received by mail or email.

If you have not received a Notice with a pre-assigned Access Code but believe that you are a class member of this Settlement, please contact the Settlement Administrator at


  1. Enter your Access Code and Last Name exactly as it appears in the Notice you received.
  2. Complete any tasks in the "I'm not a robot" box.
  3. Click the "Next" button to see if you are eligible for a Cash Award.

Click here  to view a sample Notice, highlighting the location of the Access Code and Last Name. If you have trouble logging in to the Portal, please contact us.

If you received a check, your Unique ID# is listed at the top right hand corner of the check letter.

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